Gentlemen in a Chair by Michael Doyle


Archival digital print on Canvas, Hand- Embellished with Heavy Texture, Gold Frame.

Gold 18x14 

  • Please note All orders are custom printed
  • expected delivery time is 4-6weeks 
  • 18x14


About the Artist: Michael Doyle is a self-taught visual artist, born and living in Seattle. He began by showing his artwork in bookstores, shoe shops, coffee shops, galleries, and church basements.

Classic films, memoirs, and forest walks are favorite forms of inspiration, creating a feeling of nostalgia and curiosity that can be found in his paintings. Michael’s studio came together naturally as a way to share his creative practice and to create storytelling with his paintings. “When my art enters the realm of correspondence it starts to become a collaboration, making you the author and me the illustrator, an idea I find very exciting."

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