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Vintage Style Blenko MCM Glass Water Bottle

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Elevate your hydration experience with our Vintage Blenko MCM Glass Water Bottle. Crafted with stunning vintage blenko glass, this bottle doubles as a vase, adding style to your decor. Stay hydrated and add a touch of elegance to your home with this unique and beautiful water bottle.

The classic 384 design was first introduced in 1938 and has been produced, by hand, almost non-stop since that very first year. At the time, the bottle's design was largely dictated by necessity...

With function before form in mind, it was made to fit into the narrow door shelves of the relatively new “electric icebox”. Today, that electric icebox is known as a refrigerator!

The water bottle’s narrow shape with two pouring spouts and center indentation made for easy handling and fit well in those early refrigerator doors.

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