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Memorial Day Curated Collection Sale

Memorial Day Sale — 25% Off May 25th -29th with code MDW25 at checkout.

Our Curated Top Picks to kick off summer entertaining! 

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  1. Paisley Wine Glass - Curated Home Decor
  2. Gourmet Marble Blanc Melamine Round Plate - Curated Home Decor
  3. Passionfruit Paloma Cocktail/Mocktail Drink Mixer Packet - Curated Home Decor
  4. LeadingWare - AC-1011 - 13 oz. Paisley D.O.F - Curated Home Decor
  5. 12 oz. Diamond Cut Acrylic Wine Glass - Curated Home Decor
  6. 2QT. Paisley Pitcher - Curated Home Decor
  7. Gourmet Marble Blanc Melamine Serving Board Paddle - Curated Home Decor
  8. Paisley Hi-Ball- 17 oz - Curated Home Decor
  9. Gourmet Marble Blanc Melamine Rectangular Plate - Curated Home Decor