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Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings. It’s also the perfect time to make some changes in your home. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many different ways you can spruce up your decor. Plants are an excellent way to stylishly update your space with ease. And we’ve narrowed it down to 6 chic ways that are guaranteed to work. From hanging plants on the wall to going tropical, here are some of our favorite ways to add more green life to your home this spring.

Decorate A Bar Cart

A simple and stylish way to introduce more green life into your home is to repurpose a beautiful piece of furniture. Our Retro Rolling Bar Cart is the perfect place to start. Plants soften edgy and vintage decor. And they can bring new life to a simple piece of furniture. Create an indoor garden on a bar cart this spring for a chic way to introduce green life. Bar carts are perfect because they fit into awkward corners with which you have no idea what to do. And the best part about making a plant oasis on a cart is that it’s on wheels! So you can relocate the indoor garden to a new place whenever you want.

Go Tropical

One way to bring some life into your space is with a tropical theme. Start off by adding a few plants, like Snake plants (Sansevieria) and Jade plants (Crassula), to your décor. You can also use them as table decorations or include them in centerpieces at dinner parties. Tropical plants are an excellent option because they bring a summer feel to your home year-round. And large leaves like those on a Monstera create pattern and texture against any paint color.

Dried Flowers

Adding greenery into your home doesn’t mean it has to be still living. If having to take care of a plant leads you to break out in hives, opt for our Petit Dried Bouquet. They’ll bring in the beauty and color of plants, but you won’t have to remember to water them. Start by adding some on the mantel or near a window for an instant update. You can also use them to tie together your decor for a specific theme. Check out our new arrivals for more inspiration for your dried floral arrangement. 

Trailing Plant Decor

Another chic way to bring more greenery into your home is to use trailing plants as decoration. Plants are a great way to add life and color to any space, regardless of their size or shape. They’re perfect for giving surfaces a burst of freshness. Place trailing plants on glam shelving and other carefully selected pieces for an exciting and fun centerpiece. They’re also excellent on the tops of existing furniture to bring interest to an otherwise simple piece of furniture. When you select your trailing plants, you may want to think about your style — are you looking for something simple and clean, or do you want something more elaborate?

Hanging Plants

Much like trailing plants, one of the easiest ways to add more greenery into your home is by hanging plants on the wall. It’s a great way to bring some life into your space, and it doesn’t require much effort. You can get intelligent plant pots that hang easily on the wall. Use them to create a statement wall garden without worrying about water covering your floor when it comes to watering. If you don’t like the look of plant pots, use some of our fun and simple shelving instead. You can curate a stylish statement piece and intermingle other pieces you own for an individual style.

Make A Big Statement

When it comes to introducing more greenery into your home this spring, you can go simple, or you can go big! If you want to make a statement, you can curate a cabinet of plant curiosities for a feast for the eyes. Choose a beautiful cabinet like our Spencer Curio, and fill it to the brim with your favorite plants. If you’re worried about light, install some battery-powered LED strips lights. This will give your plants the light they need, but it will also illuminate your home jungle at night for a spectacular statement piece. 

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