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Agave Wood Cylinder Side Table

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Introducing the stunning Agave Wood Cylinder Side Table, the perfect addition to any living space! Inspired by the natural beauty of solid wood, this exquisite piece boasts a captivating grain pattern that radiates organic elegance. The raw, unfinished texture and matte blonde appearance of this cylindrical end table adds a unique touch to any home decor setup.

The Agave Side Table is hand-carved and imported, ensuring that each piece is entirely distinctive. With an overall size of 17.75"H x 12"W x 12"D, this end piece is the perfect size to complement your furniture layout. The natural brown color of the wood is a charming element that can blend in with any existing style.

Be mindful that due to the organic nature of this material, no two items will have an exact shape or overall height. Wood grain variations and unique finishes are what make each piece special. Over time, you may notice cracks in the natural wood, but this only adds to the character and brings out the natural beauty of the wood even more.

Add a unique statement to your living space with the Agave Wood Cylinder Side Table. It comes with an 8ft clear cord, and with its natural texture, it's perfect for setting drinks or holding your favorite candle. However, avoid exposure to water as this piece is not designed with a bar finish and liquids can discolor the tabletop. Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind piece today and elevate your home decor game!

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