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Maple Marshmallow- Scented Soy Candle

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This soy wax candle has a scent resembling maple syrup and toasted marshamllows. Add a bit of comfort and sweet warmth to any room with this cozy scent.

Warning - always burn candle within sight and place candle away from curtains or other flammable materials, position on a flat heat-resistant surface
Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire, keep out of reach of children and pets, always leave at least 6" (15cm) between burning candles
Soy-Blend Wax
Directions - Trim Wick to 0.25" (.64Cm) Before Each Lighting, Place on a Heat Resistant Surface, Candle will be Hot When Lit, Keep Wax Pool Free of Debris, Do Not Burn Candle for More Than 3-4 Hours at a Time, Wick is Non-Metal, Lead Free