"Abstract Bouquet 3" by Kate Roebuck


Archival digital print on paper, Hand-torn and floated on the mat, Black frame under plex, wire for hanging.

  • Please note all orders are custom printed
  • The expected delivery time is 4-6weeks 
  • 36"x48"

About the Artist: KATE ROEBUCK

Largely influenced by her background in textile design, artist Kate Roebuck finds inspiration in form, pattern, color, and texture. Exploring these classical themes, she seeks to create open-ended visual dialogue and to shed light on the ever-evolving relationship of the creator and the created.

Drawing from nature and everyday life, Kate’s work is both bold and quirky, an interpretation undoubtedly all her own. Her world is best described as witty, unconventional, and rhythmic, chasing the elusive balance of playfulness and precision. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kate currently resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and has lived in the south for nearly a decade. The slower pace of life in the south leaves her with ample time to create.


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