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Barrel-Aged Honey

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Two Tennessee traditions steeped in heritage, beekeeping and bourbon, meet when raw honey ages in a charred oak barrel that's been soaked in bourbon by a legendary Nashville Distillery.

Use this rich, smokey honey in hot teas and toddies, drizzled on homemade biscuits or as a secret ingredient in a glaze or backyard grilling sauce. (In other words, this is the perfect man gift!)

Our glass "flask" contains 10oz of 100 % pure, raw honey; it does not contain alcohol. Every batch is a little different, so honey may be darker or lighter than it appears in the photo.

We get the barrels in which we age our honey from Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery a few times a year, age our honey, then return the barrels. The barrels are then used for Belle Meade Bourbon's Honey Cask Finish product. This partnership has resulted in one of the most sought-after products of the niche bourbon-collecting world and sells out by a lottery system each year.

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