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Ceramic Summer Vase 'Sculptural Flowers'

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'Sculptural Flowers' Handmade White Ceramic Vase This vase is part of a new Summer series inspired by flowers.

They are hand-sculpted and attached to the vase before its first firing. The inside transparent glaze adds then a finishing touch after a second firing at high temperature (1250°C) to ensure a more durable and resistant item. Since each piece is unique and handmade, the decorative patterns may slightly differ from one vase to another.

DETAILS: - Stoneware fired at high temperature finished with transparent glossy glaze inside. - Raw exterior showcasing the natural aspect of the clay’s texture with hand-sculpted motifs.

Handmade in our studio in France. Slight variations in color, shape and size might occur.

DIMENSIONS: H: 23 CM / L: 26 CM H: 9 INCH. / L: 10.2 INCH.

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