Glass Salt Pot With Wooden Scoop


An essential for every kitchen, this durable glass salt cellar combines simple, stylish looks with efficient design, to make your life in the kitchen a bit easier. Its paired with a lid to keep out moisture and a wooden scoop to pick up salt for when a recipe calls for more than a pinch.

This elegant glass salt pot and wooden scoop set have been beautifully designed to make seasoning effortlessly easy, leave it out by the cooker, or find a place for it on the kitchen table. Glass Salt Pot With Wooden Scoop. 

It is dishwasher safe but do hand wash the wooden scoop.

The wood scoop is unsealed. Please remember that this is natural wood and when exposed to water or humidity it may age. That may include black stains which may be attributed to mold. BEST CARE TO KEEP DRY 

3"H x 4"W

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