Motherhood - A Three Year Journal - Navy

Motherhood is humbling and incredibly rewarding work. It's more than late nights and cold coffee; it's small arms around your neck and the sweetest little voice saying 'I love you'.

Our Motherhood journal was design for you, mama. Just for you. The layout is simple, providing prompts that encourage you to reflect on the good work you do each week. There are three sections of 52 weeks each that allow you to journal a small bit every day, or during some quiet time at the end of each week.

Every week has a space for the dates, one page of prompts, and one lined page for personal reflection. There is space dedicated at the end for you to collect moments better remembered by photograph.

We hope these journals become treasured heirlooms and are passed onto the next generations of mothers in your family. The gift of your wisdom, successes, and struggles is invaluable.

  • approximately 335 pages
  • 6x9 hardcover with beautiful linen fabric
  • ribbon page marker
  • approximately 12 pages for photos
  • three labeled sections; 1 for each year
  • 2 pages per week: 1 prompted and 1 lined

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