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Skinny Taper Glass Candle Holder-Large

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Gorgeous skinny modern tapers will instantly brighten your space & give you fun & playful heights in our Exclusive Glass Candle Holders. Our candle holders seamlessly fit into all trending & timeless design styles to enhance any mood or curated space. Get eclectic and mix candle colors & heights or keep it classy with neutrals & symmetrical holders. Pair with Matches! Hand-dipped candles will fit in these holders. Due to the process of being hand dipped, taper candles can vary by the eighth inch and may need to be "chiseled" at the base to fit tightly or if too skinny, may require a drop of wax added to the base to stand straight. This is customary. • Hold 1/2" Candle Tapers • Glass with Gold Metal Insert. Durable & High Quality • Holds our 6" & 10" Candles
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