Splatterware - 3pc Mixing Bowl Set Sm-Lg: 2.75, 3.5, 6.5 qt Red and White


Entertaining a crowd? Serve them with our colorful enamelware collection.

Red and White

3 piece bowl set 

Sm-Lg: small 2.75qt, medium 3.5qt, large 6.5 qt.


Careing for you enamelware:

  • do not scrub with abrasive materials, use a sponge
  • use metal utensils with care to prevent scratching
  • do not use in microwave
  • do not allow enamelware to boil dry, it could damage the surface
  • enamel can chip if handled too roughly
  • with great care, your enamelware will last for many years 

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