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Taste and Place; The Design Hotels Book

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Introducing Taste and Place; The Design Hotels Book! Are you the kind of traveler who loves exploring a destination's cuisine? This book is the perfect companion for you. It offers a unique perspective on travel, focusing on the connection between food and place. With contributions from leading writers, photographers, chefs, and food innovators, you'll be treated to a rich and inclusive culinary journey.

Taste and Place is more than just a cookbook; it's a showcase of forward-thinking ideas and inspirational examples found in and around select Design Hotels locations. Uncover the stories behind each dish, the passion of creative chefs, and the innovative techniques used to create each culinary masterpiece.

This hardcover book measures 9.06"W x 11.88"H x 1.50"D and is filled with stunning illustrations and captivating narratives that go beyond the dining room. They reveal the holistic connectivity of food and how it enriches our travel experiences.

Get ready to indulge all your senses, from sight to smell to taste, and let Taste and Place; The Design Hotels Book guide you on your next culinary adventure. Order yours now and elevate your travel game!

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