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A Woman Walks Into a Bar Cocktail Napkins

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"Get the party started"
"Add some humor to your event"
"High-quality materials"
"Perfect decorative touch"

Looking for a way to get the party started and add some humor to your event? Look no further than our "A Woman Walks Into a Bar" cocktail napkins! These high-quality napkins are made in Germany and are the perfect decorative touch to make it feel like the real event.

With a quantity of 20 3-ply napkins, you'll have plenty to go around for all your guests. The 5" x 5" size is just right for drinks and appetizers, and the all-new design is both funny and engaging - the perfect conversation starter for any gathering.

Don't settle for boring plain napkins - these napkins are just what you need to make your party a success. Order now and get ready to add some humor and style to your event with our "A Woman Walks Into a Bar" cocktail napkins.

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