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Introducing the KONA ORB LARGE - a piece of modern art that doubles as a stunning home decor accent. Crafted from enameled iron, this lightweight orb is a true masterpiece that will add character to any space.

Hand-painted with a creamy mocha palette, inspired by the delightful swirls of a latte, the KONA ORB LARGE is a visual treat. The intricate layers of milky froth and rich coffee tones come together to create a truly unique piece that will catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.

This decor object is the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for something new and exciting. Its captivating design is sure to spark conversation and draw attention no matter where you place it.

The KONA ORB LARGE is the epitome of modern artistry - an elegant combination of form and function that will elevate the style of your living space. Add it to your collection of objects and accents today and impress all who lay eyes on it.

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